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Absolutely nothing prepares you for the level of emotion you feel on your wedding day. Its literally 12 months of preperation for a single day of a hurricanes worth of emotions. & it is so goddamn worth it.

Im proud to say in all that emotion, I only had one (almost) bridezilla moment. Standing in my hotel room, with my photographer & it starts raining. I mean pouring with no signs of stopping with just 10 minutes left until I’m meant to be standing next to my husband, on the beach saying my vows. My photographer (who was absolutely incredible by the way) suggested we think of relocating the ceremony, in case the rain didn’t ease up. & that was when my bridezilla hormones started to rise, so I told him not to talk to me about the rain or ceremony location until it was time to go. & by the grace of god, or some kind of higher power, right on 5pm when we were all (my husband, celebrant, our 2 witnesses, our photographer & myself) standing in the hotel reception wondering if we should just do the wedding right there – the rain stopped & we ceased our moment. It was the most spontaneous ceremony, as we ran out into the hotel garden & rearranged their seating under a shelter with our makeshift signing table being the hotel barbeque.

I wouldnt change a single thing about our day. Not the fact that we eloped, not even (if it was in my power) the rain, & certainly not that I got to stand in front of the love of my life and proclaim my love for him.

Autumn xx

Photographer: Chris Harding @ Catch a Star Photography

Celebrant: Tarnya Bennett @ I do for you weddings

Hair & Makeup: Shannon @ Aurum Bride

Author: stepmum.blogger

• 20 years old • • Wife to Loch, Stepmum to Payton •

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