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I’ll be honest, this one is a touchy subject. I’m 20 years old, and I’m scared shitless. I’ve been suffering from chronic bleeding & pain since I was 14 years old. I was told by gynaecologists that I was ‘too young’ for my problems to be anything serious. One gynaecologist even gave me a prescription for yet another pill without talking to me for more than two minutes & told me ‘you’re dismissed’. I feel so much pain that some days I can’t move, I start vomiting, and even sometimes faint. I bleed for months at a time & experience clots the size of my fist. Despite all of that, nobody would listen.

My GP sat across from me about two months ago, told me I have endometriosis and that I probably can’t have children – at just 20 years of age. So, I found a gynaecologist that would listen to me. On the 30th of this month I’m due to have an operation, because this doctor is somebody willing to do everything he can for me to help my endometriosis, avoid a hysterectomy and have a chance to have a baby.

We are praying that the operation goes well, that I stop experiencing pain and heavy bleeding, that I won’t have to consider a hysterectomy (which is the option after this surgery) & that I can prove my doctor wrong so that in the future if my husband & I want more children, I can carry our babies.

To say that this is emotionally straining, is to say the least. I am blessed to have my husband supporting me, although I surprisingly haven’t received the same support from other women. I have been asked if it’s ‘just period pain’, I’ve been told I ‘need to be fired’ because work colleagues think I’m faking it all, and my mother of all people hasn’t asked me once if I’m okay in all of this. There is such little awareness surrounding endometriosis, and as women I think we really need to step up & start supporting each other in this subject. If any mummas out their have endometriosis, or have experienced something similar, please comment and tell me your story.

Autumn xx

Author: stepmum.blogger

• 20 years old • • Wife to Loch, Stepmum to Payton •

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